Ahsoka Plushie

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This Ahsoka will be part of a series of plushies we're releasing, called "Smol Wars."

This plushie is perfect for any Ahsoka fan. Show off your love by clipping it onto a backpack, displaying it in your collection, or just carrying it around in your arms! The plush features detailed face embroidery, printed details on head piece and arms, removable hand-made clothing, and a chain to attach to objects. Plus anyone who preorders gets a mini Padawan braid to attach to their Ahsoka! 

We put so much love into this, we hope when you hold it, you remember the spirit of Ahsoka Tano. Remember! 

"You don't have to look tough to be tough." - Ahsoka Tano


11 inches in height

Embroidered face details

Printed details

Removable chain

Removable, hand-made clothes

Preorder exclusive mini padawan braid

This is our first time producing plushies so please have patience during this whole process for us. We want to thank you guys for all the support on our “Smol Wars” line. We hope you end up loving them!