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Hello Everyone! We're so excited that we get to finally put up preorders for our DAVE plushie. We made this plushie not only for the fans, but also to celebrate Dave Filoni and everything he has done for Star Wars. DAVE is the second in a series of plushies we're releasing, called "Smol Wars."

When selecting Dave to add to your cart there will be two options! One with the HAT ATTACHED to Dave and one with the HAT DETACHED.

Show off your love and support by clipping it onto a backpack, displaying it in your collection, or just carrying it around in your arms! The plush features detailed face embroidery, removable hand-made clothing, printing on clothes, and a hat with a chain to attach to objects.

We love Dave and we hope that when you're holding the plushie, you feel that love too!


8 inches in height

Embroidered face details

Printed details

Removable chain

Removable, hand-made clothes

Optional Removable Hat

This will be our second preorder for our "Smol Wars" plushies. That being said, we now know more of what to expect during the manufacturing process. We will keep you all updated on our instagram page! We want to thank you guys for all the support on our “Smol Wars” line. We hope you end up loving him!